'Are you Stuart Burns?'

Life You'll have to forgive me, but I'm still under the slight influence of two glasses of red wine after a trip to the private view of the FACT's new exhibition, Critic's Choice which consists of items selected by Mark Lawson, Tim Marlow, Patricia Bickers and Sarah Kent. It was an odd couple of hours. I haven't been to a private view since I worked at the Walker Art Gallery. I tend to like seeing the work as a first time visitor to the space, and I used to feel as though half seeing it between gulps of Merlot and cheesy biscuits tainted the experience. I was all ready to leave when I bumped into someone I studied World Music with a few years ago. Who was with a friend who turned out to be Ian Jackson, fellow blogger and founder of the Art in Liverpool weblog I write for sometimes and who contributes to HeardSaid. Which just goes to prove what a small world this is.

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