Links for 2005-02-16 []

Links for 2005-02-16 []

  • Natalie Imbruglia's marriage inspires uplifting music
    Key sentence: "The songs refer to Dan because he's been at the forefront of my mind during the three-year recording process.
  • The Most Depressing Modern American Plays You Must Read
    About Arthur Miller's 'Death of a Salesman': "A play about how salesmen live their lives written by a man who clearly knew nothing about salesmen."
  • Patricia Kaas Releases Live Album
    Includes recordings from her recent tour
  • It's stupid and I love it
    The Goon Show and me. By Eddie Izzard
  • Audio Science Sossamon
    Shannyn Sossamon (from 'A Knight's Tale') names her baby. Why not go the whole hog and get sponsorship from Sony?
  • Lady of the Lane
    Engrossing interview with the luminous Teri Hatcher. Yes, I watch Desperate Housewives. All kinds of reasons.
  • 43 Folders: Five fast email productivity tips
    Not that I'm suggesting anyone in particular could learn something from this...
  • Cubicle Culture
    Or why the weekend is always so depressing ...
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    Anonymous said...

    Though I know that you weren't referring to me (in regard to the email post), I would like to state, for the record, that long and sometimes epic emails (both written and received) are truly one of life's little joys. And when you are a fast typer (as I am), it is at such a small price! Auto-complete on the other hand, is now, and always will be, a menace.

    I can't even type a short comment FFS!