Links for 2005-03-17 []

Links for 2005-03-17 []

  • BBC updates Shakespeare
    Feels quite close to what happened with the animated series. Should be interesting nonetheless. An hour a piece is probably just right.
  • The Two Sides of Woody Allen
    Actually covers some of the business issues including his latest move from Dreamworks to Fox Searchlight. Are there any film companies the man hasn't worked for?
  • Kenneth Branagh Directing 'As You Like It'
    For HBO. The man will finish filming the canon if it kills him.
  • bookish says some good things about book jackets and whatnot
  • Random Acts Of Reality's Cat Blog
  • Adrian Hon ran the Liverpool Half Marathon on Sunday which began almost underneath were I live.
    I wonder if I saw him but didn't know I'd seen him.
  • TIME MACHINE ! For Time Travel ? very low reserve
    On ebay. Someone's willing to pay up to $700 for this thing.
  • Details emerge on 'Enterprise' finale
    You really aren't going to believe this ...
  • A familiar web
    Verse Guru remembers me ...

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