'Oh the world seems in tune on a spring afternoon....'


'Spring is here,
Spring is here,
Life is skittles
and life is beer.
I think the loveliest time of the year
is the spring, don't you?
I do. Course you do...'

That's the first verse of a Tom Lehrer song which goes on to offer the best methods for poisoning pigeons in the park. But really today actually feels like the first day of Spring. I've written before about other people's uncanny knack of knowing what to wear and somehow from nowhere the street was filled with people in t-shirts and shades, with me close behind in a jumper. I really should watch the tv weather more.

I once knew someone at Uni who loved Summer best because it was so visually giving. My personality favours the Autumn (it's all about the colours), but I think I'm beginning to see the charms of Spring. The facial scrowls which people have trained so carefully of the winter months disappear; there's a lightness about the cheeks. I saw a girl in the sandwich queue in Boots smile today and it was something I hadn't seen there for many dark weeks. There is just something about available sunlight which brightens the mood.

I'm going to the Tate Liverpool tomorrow to finally see the Richard Wentworth exhibition then go on and buy easter eggs. And I just know it's going to rain. A lot. But that's OK, because we know it isn't going to last.

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