"Not The Doctor..."

TV New series commissioned, and they're already having to look for a new Doctor. It's hardly a surprise given that Eccleston hasn't exactly been entirely upbeat about the prospect of a second series. I wonder how far back they knew and if its been factored in. As I said here: "I keep look at the title of the final episode, The Parting of the Ways. It has a certain funerial feel to it. Are we hinting at a regeneration this early into the run? Is that going to be the big series cliffhanger?" Did they specifically sign Chris for just one series knowing he wouldn't be there for series two, or did he decide some way into the run when he realised what the part entailed. Either way, David Tennant is apparently in talks which doesn't shock me judging by his performance in Casanova. That said, Paul McGann is available, and they've done the false regeneration thing before in the comics ...

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