TV According to the Western Mail, the original inspiration for the timelord was "Gethin Who, a popular doctor from Carmarthen, (who) met with Winston Churchill in 1940 to discuss the use of time travel as a weapon against Nazism."

According to Contact Music, Australian actor Andrew Merkelbach has already launched a campaign to fight David Tennant for the role of the 10th Doctor. "Merkelbach, who has starred in a string of Doctor Who-inspired films playing a character called THE TRAVELLER in his native Australia, admits he's a huge fan of the cult show."

One or all of the above may be an April Fool...

Updated: Digital Spy are reporting that The Daleks won't be back for series two. But given that they're under the impression that Terry Nation negotiated the deal himself, and that the source is the paper whose name I dare not type ...

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