Politics My current breakfast television of choice, the Liberal Democrat press conference has had a spurt of excitement in recent mornings with all the anti-war retoric yesterday and the defection of Brian Sedgemore to the cause. It was particular tense yesterday when Andrew Neil had a bee in his bonnet and began to list all the reason Charles Kennedy should call for the inditement of Tony Blair only to be given a good verbal slapping by Shirley Williams. This morning it seemed be about timing and why Sedgemore picked this moment to cross the floor even though it would seem to be clear -- the postal votes are being received and sent in right now, so it's the perfect time to make the goverment to look weak.

For some reason, even taking into account the other press meetings, I feel as though there is a momentum behind the Lib Dems at the moment, although that isn't being reflected in the polls. I know it makes good copy, but I haven't yet met anyone or seen anyone interviewed in the media who will be voting Labour again, and for that matter has anything nice to say about Michael Howard and the Conservatives. In some constituencies, I've even heard Labour pollsters resorting to the tack of 'A vote for [insert name of Lib Dem or Other candidate here] is a vote for the Tories' which sounds a bit desperate for a party which is supposed to be all powerful. I think this is going to be a closer run thing this time.

The Iraq speech is available as a podcast here at the good lord Lib Dems Campaign Blog, which has the personal touch. While I'm downloading that I can live the fantasy using the Swingometer at the BBC Election site. We only need a 24% swing to win...

Also ... The London News Review says some things and has a point to make.


  1. Anonymous5:57 pm

    Yeah, bring back Sadam Hussein ! 2 days into a Liberal government and we'd have dis-banded the armed forces and all be forced to eat quiche.

  2. Being pedantic I know but he's not 'crossing the floor'. To paraphrase Tony Blair - so some EX Labour MP is going to vote libdem - Big Deal.
    I'm still very much a Labour supporter - if you value it - vote for it. So true!

  3. But can't that slogan work for all parties? I value Lib Dem policies, so I'm voting for them.

    Also: how is he not crossing the floor if he's going over to the opposition?

    (good to hear from you by the way -- looking forward to seeing the new museum)