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Film Admission time. I haven't been to the cinema since I saw Robots which feels like months ago. I'm looking at the top ten films on release and I haven't seen any of them. I'm out of the habit, I suppose, but also there hasn't been anything which has excited me enough to make me want to go there. But also I've become slightly disenchanted by the experience of having to watch a film while at the same time having to make allowances for audience members who don't seem to give a shit that they've paid £3.50 to eat and talk through the movie and some cruddy print which after touring the U.S. and parts of the south of England before turning up at local dirt and hairs intact. Only the newest of Hollywood films ever have a pristeen print although The lag time between theatrical release and dvd has shortened to just a few months anyway so anything at all interesting I'm waiting to appear through my letterbox via ScreenSelect and I can give it my full attention via the big old tv in the room with decent sound. It's sad.

So it's really interesting to me that the studios are considering simultaneous home and cinema releases for films. I assume what this means in practice is a vanilla dvd on theatrical release day followed up with the usual one with extras a few months later. This is no doubt to try and put some wind in the sails of the declining traditional rental market and quite how it would work with the online monthly paid for market I'm not sure. Anyone want to make a bet on which film will have distinction of being the first -- has it even been made yet? All of this said, I don't think my films of choice will be on this train ride yet. More on this at Twitch Film.

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