Stoppin The Love

TV Matthew Rudd embarks on a history of Have I Got News For You at Off The Telly. So many memories:
"Meanwhile, we got to see an air of real tension - of the sexual variety - during the fourth episode of this run. Caroline Quentin was largely unknown to the general public in 1993, but once she'd been introduced, sitting alongside Hislop, as "Mrs Merton", a new element of plot developed, as well as a running gag. Deayton casually said that some guests may sleep with a captain to get on the show; this one had gone as far as marrying him. Introduction, applause and then the comeback - "Why did I have to sleep with you as well?" "Oh, it was just in the contract. But thank-you anyway." A nice exchange, real tension between guest and host, and no further mention during the show. But the innuendo of Merton's wife and the HIGNFY host having a liaison was brought up for humour purposes by Merton himself the following week (lots of "I'll give you one" non-gags afterwards) and it went on for quite some time, beyond Quentin's second and final appearance, this time with hubby, a year later."
I do wish the BBC would do what we all want and start release boxsets of whole seasons or years. The political life of the country over the past fifteen years is right here.

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