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Film Clerks X is coming to Region 2 dvd in its entirety. Which will be exciting news to anyone but me, since I shilled out for the Region 1 version assuming it'd never be released here. Since it looks like it's going for a cheap price, it looks like I'll be spending a bit more. I don't know what your dvd player is like, but I can really see the difference between PAL and NTSC...


  1. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Have you any thoughts on the Doctor Who/Bad Wolf debate?

  2. Hey Karen.

    Looking at the new version of the BBC website it seems certain that Bad Wolf is a tv channel -- maybe. I wondered if Captain Jack's missing two years were spent flying around seeding the timeline with subliminal advertising, some of which has been encountered by the Doctor and Rose. Failing that it's that seed which has been controlling time -- things like the big ugly slug monster in The Long Game, and the mention that the universe is in recession in World War Three. I don't think it's any of the characters -- and I certainly think the Doctor is the Doctor -- making him some kind of bad guy would automatically invalidate the rest of the series and alienate new fans (and old ones I suppose)