Dungeon, master?

TV Excellent potted history of the Knightmare:
"Dungeon Doom was recorded in early 1986. Hugo Myatt introduced the show and the guinea-pig team consisted of Tim Child?s nephew, the two daughters of an Anglia colleague, and one of their school chums.

The finished results were edited together but ?something? was missing. Tim decided to change the show's name and improve on the crude opening titles. The name Knightmare seemed to say it all about a scary dungeon game, which used a knight?s helmet as a blindfold.

The game had borrowed shamelessly from the computerised adventures marketed for the Sinclair Spectrum, Commodore 64 and BBC B computers, yet lacked some of the authentic technology they boasted. Attic attack had an on-screen life-force clock which indicated the health status of the player by representing the carcase of a chicken. If you got down to bare bones you died!"
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