Like Water For Chocolate

Film I've always said that watching Like Water For Chocolate on the night it was released in the UK, was the moment when I knew that my life long romance would be with the cinema. It was at the Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds in a sold out performance (which is the sort of thing which happened in 1993). I was so wrapped up in the film and its love story that I began shouting at the characters on screen so loudly, the person sitting next to me got angry and told me to sush (which of course they were right to). This is something which hasn't happened before or since. It taught me that cinema has the power to transport, and a hundred moments of laughter and tears have confirmed it. Waiting for the dvd release of Star Wars was one thing, this was another. Now here it is coming to Region Two in a month's time. I hope it's as good as I remember.

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