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Space Now this is exciting. The Spacecraft series are dvd boxsets which pull together all the available footage connected with a series of moon related NASA missions. So for Apollo 15, that includes:
- Complete television and onboard motion picture film from the Apollo 15 mission
- Rare onboard astronaut recordings
- Exclusive computer flyover of the Apollo 15 landing site, showing EVA traverses and dramatic views of the Hadley Rille area
- Multi-angle features during launch and lunar liftoff
- Footage of training, spacecraft checkout, suitup, ingress, splashdown, and recovery-even the crew statements on the carrier deck.
On that set alone there are six disks and about twenty-one hours of the stuff. Which is amazing, but also begs the question -- who has the time to sit down and watch all that stuff? I wonder if people will more likely invest in the Apollo 11 set because that was particularly historic and the rest will be up to the specialists, which is shame because that's the material which is already most familiar -- the Geminis will surely be just as interesting because of their pioneering nature. If you're looking for a cheaper option, the extras section on the dvd for the funky Australian comedy The Dish (about the radio telescope which helped beam the pictures of Neil and Buzz around the world) has all the important Apollo 11 footage you'd ever want.

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