Walls come tumbling down

Journalism The Guardian has a mini-site up to publicise its change in direction/size/whatever. I'm hoping it will be a more accessible paper, with a clearer font. I like that it's going to be full colour and G2 is going to have staples and that the sports section is going to have its own section which can be more easily binned. We'll see how many of these developments stick or develop. As changing shape it's having a complete make-over rather than the rush job perpetrated by some of the other broadsheets. I love that this is happening on the same day that I'm starting university, new newspaper, new life.


  1. "Binned"! Please tell me you meant recycled....

  2. Anonymous5:56 pm

    Go hug a tree hippy.

  3. Oh yes 'recycle binned'. Which reminds me of something I have to do tomorrow ...