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Music "Less than two weeks before the planned Jan. 3 release of her sophomore Columbia album, "Pretty Little Head," singer/songwriter Nellie McKay has voluntarily left the label, sources tell At deadline, the fate of the album is unknown; a spokesperson for the artist had no comment and McKay could not be reached. The parties apparently reached an impasse over the length of the project. McKay insisted the label release her 23-song, 65-minute version, while Columbia sent out promotional copies of a 16-song, 48-minute album." -- Jonathan Cohen.

Oh that's just nuts and indiotic and infuriating. I mean I'm glad that McKay left the label rather than compromised, but were back in Fiona Apple territory with a possibly great album in limbo waiting for release, and this so close to the time it should be hitting the shops. AI'm hoping for a situation somewhat like Terry Gilliam's film Brazil in which the critics get hold of a full uncut version and start reviewing it well until the record company is embarassed into releasing the whole version. Otherwise -- what's up with those seven tracks that the record company doesn't want to let them see the light of day? [via]

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