No snow though

That Day Evening. I'm full of dinner and very happy, especially since my Mum and Dad loved their presents. I'm just checking my email whilst I listen to the last fifteen minutes of A Bach Christmas which completes with a final blast of The Christmas Oratorio (organs and altos) playing through the crystal clarity of my new DAB Digital Radio. I hadn't anticipated how much of a difference there is between this and a really good FM signal. I can actually hear the turn of the pages and the shuffle in the seats on the recording. Elsewhere, presents included dvds of Mr & Mrs Smith and A Bridge Too Far and the music of Enya, Madeleine Peyroux and Sugababes, which I could be playing on my new USB Mp3 player if my clapped out computer would recognise its existence without crashing (if anyone knows how I can get a Technika ML-2 to work in Win 98 let me know). Have a great rest of the day.

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