TV Just as a matter of interest, because of the statistical probability if any of The Apprentice hopefuls had blogs or personal websites. Do they ...

Karen Bremner: "Last night was a bit tough for me as I was not expecting to see Nargis lay into me on the You're Fired show. I have no idea what she was talking about regarding dishonesty but that is pretty rough for anyone to take. In the profession which I have chosen, integrity and honesty are paramount and for someone to question it is for them to question everthing that I have worked for nearly 18 years to achieve (don't do the maths - I went to Uni at 16!)." She also has a personal website. [bbc]

Tuan Lee: "Why did I apply...? Plain and simply; my application to be an Apprentice was borne from the desire to challenge myself. The drive to become better; both personally and professionally." [bbc]

Sharon McAllister: "Sharon McAllister is an original thinker with an innovative entrepreneurial flair. She is an extremely determined woman whose energetic approach to life guarantees her relentless motivation. Sharon has a comprehensive skill set and a natural ability to adapt and excel in any environment." [bbc]

Alexa Tilley: " Alexa enjoys cycling and goes on an annual cycling trip to Norfolk (Holme Next the Sea) with her fellow cyclist friends - the Home to Holme Cycling Club. Alexa and her good friend Karen completed the London to Brighton Cycle Ride in 2005, which was good fun, but took rather a long time!" [bbc]


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