Still A Girl's Best Friend?

TV K-9 & Company Lives?

"It would have been a shame to put K9 back in his kennel, so we’ve come up with an idea for another drama," a source told the newspaper. "It’s early days but K9 and Elizabeth Sladen are inseparable characters."

Yes well it is another report from that paper. And we all wrote about what happened last time someone decided this would be a good idea for a show. But 'a BBC spokeswoman said, "We are not confirming any developments at this moment." ' Which is either a made-up quote to infer that things are actually happening or things are actually happening.

In other non-related 'news', Noel 'Mickey' Clarke appeared in the Mark Kermode film review section of the Simon Mayo show yesterday afternoon to talk about his new 'controversial' film Kidulthood and Mayo asked him if Billie was staying on. Noel almost sounds like he's choking on his coffee as he manically fishes around for a diplomatic answer, which is basically you'll have to ask her. You can listen again here. It sounds like a non-denial denial to me. I'm really not sure...

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