on reflection pretty good


Sometimes the best moment in a film has nothing to do with the main action. I've just been watching Paul McGuigan's Wicker Park, an on reflection pretty good Hollywood re-telling of the French classic L'Appartement*. There's a scene were one of the characters is dashing along a street at some speed and she passes a beauty shop.

It's called "Wignail and I".

How cool is that?

* It's a shame that Mr McGuigan felt he needed to shoot most of the film handheld and edit it within an inch of its life. I've been watching a lot of Frank Capra's films lately and it's amazing how much more effective scenes can be if you shoot them in two shot, continuously and give the actors room to breath and well, act. But it's still exciting in places even if you know the original very well. Some great in-jokes too.

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