Snakes on a re-shoot

Film "A recent news item reported that the producers of Snakes On A Plane ordered five extra days of shooting, spurred by internet interest in the film. With the aim of getting the film's rating bumped from PG-13 to R, the filmmakers have added the line "I want these motherfucking snakes off this motherfucking plane!," as well as, according to the news report, "more gore, more deaths, more nudity, and more snakes." -- Fametracker

I'm disturbed that they thought that they could make a film with that title and make it a PG-13. I'd been reading here and there that early reports were that this was actually turning out to be a fairly conventional actioner despite the presence of Sam Jackson, snakes and a plane. Great to see that someone's decided on reshoots just so that they can make the thing cooler and actually live up to our expectations. I don't think I'm happier than when I hear Jackson making inferences about matriacal sexual encounters, very loudly. Frankly, that's what was missing from the Star Wars prequels.

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