Three paragraphs about one thing

Life A progress report. My dissertation research is in full swing although I seem to be in the unusual situation of being bewildered to the point that I can't focus on any one thing but also being unable to switch off from thinking about it. As usual there seems to be almost too much to read, not enough time and an insurmountable hill to finding a road map to follow.

It's a chicken and egg syndrome -- I need to have some idea of the structure of each chapter so that I know what to concentrate on reading, but I won't have a really good idea of the structure until I've done the reading. Also there's all of the film watching which is why I should probably be viewing Love Actually instead of writing this, but I'm attempting the displacement activity approach and trying to concentrate on something else in an attempt to get away from that thing.

I've begun to talk to the dissertation as though it's a person as 'Well, you're going to be about this...' which can't be a good thing. In some ways the handing in date of September seems like an age, but on the other hand it's only three months. And with the snails pace it takes me to write academically. So anyway if I'm not here then I'm there doing that.

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