Commuter Life I've hired a laptop from the university. It's made by the people at Fujitsu-Siemans and it's the first one I've even partially owned. So for the first time ever, I'm writing this from the train home (so the date at the bottom of the post will be later on). Be with you in a minute whilst I show the man my ticket.


I'm back. I'm actually sweating pretty heavily having just run for the train after the bus, which I decided to get for a change up Oxford Road, was stuck in traffic and I had to get out and walk. I'm telling you this scintillating piece of information because my sticky fingers are making it pretty difficult to type and use the mousepadthing. Perhaps even more exciting (at least for me) is that it has a wifi donglewossit built in which means, well you know what it means. I know there won't be any kind of a signal on the train but I keep pressing the little silver button just in case.

The big idea is so that I can write my dissertation whilst I'm working at Liverpool University to save travelling into Manchester just use a computer but still away from all the distractions that tend to hamper things during the day. I'm a bit like Douglas Adams that way - why get on with writing a book when there's tea drinking to be done? Today I finished a rough plan of the opening chapter. Although it's decent road map, I know there will be things I change before the handing in day once I get started on reading about narrative and for my case study.

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