Travel "In the 60s, no one ever spent winters in Kathmandu. Everyone went south to Goa to catch some rays," he says. "The first year, we sat together in a circle on the beach playing guitars. The second year, some new guy brought a cassette deck and rigged it up to a car battery. The third year, another guy came with bigger speakers, then with amplifiers. In the fifth year, a stage was set up and some kid asked me for my back-stage pass. My back-stage pass! What happened to our sacred beach, man? It was time to move on." -- Desmond O'Flattery from Kathmandu talks to Guardian travel

I've still got that itch (and a slight pain in my back). I really want to travel and see these places, but I never thought I'd be looking at Kathmandu and finding that it's gone touristy. Has this ability to travel made the world smaller and a tiny bit less exciting? Not that Kathamndu is on my list. If I'm going to go anywhere, I'm going to New York. Seems adventurous to me...

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