Life And so to what seems like a fortnightly synopsis of the morning car boot sale because I know you're interested. This week's typical conversation.

Me: How much is the Dead Poets Society DVD?
Her: A fiver.

And so to the haul: The Complete BBC Lord of the Rings on cassette. Videos of Hal Hartley's Trust and Simple Men as well as Luc Besson's Atlantis (this is a high quality boot sale, oh yes). And on dvd, White Noise, Road Trip, Birth, Killing Me Softly, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Jesus of Nazareth, What Women Want, Enemy At The Gates, Training Day, Hulk and Point Break.

All for about seventeen pounds. Some of those purchases may not have been made if they hadn't been so very cheap. Particularly Killing Me Softly which apparently one of the worst British films ever made. Even The Guardian hated it and one of the characters works for them.

[Gosh what a boring post. I mean it doesn't even have a good punchline. Put it down to the heat and dissertation writing drain. You just hope that Blogger fails to post it.]

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