The Battle of the Co-Stars

TV As I was glancing through this week's Doctor Who Times I noticed that next Wednesday 12 July, there's a battle of the guest stars. If Radio Times really had changed their editorial policy, the listings would probably read something like this ...

9.00 Soundproof
Eve Myles from first season episode, The Unquiet Dead (by Mark Gatiss) and soon starring in Torchwood features in a gripping urban drama also starring Joseph Mawie, Sarah Lynch (from the film Downtime with eighth Doctor, Paul McGann, the title of which is the same as a Reeltime Pictures spin-off adventure starring Elizabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith and Nicholas Courtney as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, written by Marc Platt whose Big Finish audio play, Spare Parts was the inspiration for second season episodes Rise of the Cybermen & The Age of Steel, directed by Graeme Harper and written by Tom McRae, creator of the Channel 4 series As If), Brendan Coyle and Neil Stuke. When Chris is thrown from the balcony of a high rise block of flats, suspicion falls on his flatmate Dean, who is profoundly deaf.

9.00 Jane Hall
Noel 'Mickey Smith' Clarke, writer on Torchwood features in this comedy drama about bus drivers. Filmed two years ago. Probably before first season episode Rose (by Russell T Davies who is also Executive Producer of Doctor Who) .

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