Comics Someone has attempted to write a biography of The Doctor, trying to rationalise his appearances in the Marvel Universe. Seriously, there is more text than anyone could read in a lifetime, but see if you can keep up with paragraphs like:

"Another thing worth noting is that the first time the Doctor met Death's Head, he dumped the cyborg in Earth 8162. That Earth contains Dogbolter, who is 1) a Earth-Who character, and 2) doesn't have access to interdimensional travel technology. So this would suggest that Earth 8162 is the future of Earth-Who, not of Earth-616. Taking this into account, the only time we have actually seen the Doctor in the Marvel Multiverse is when he drops Death's Head off after their second encounter, onto the top of Four's Freedom Plaza. And if the Merlin he met wasn't CB's Merlyn, then the only time we actually see him meeting Marvel Multiverse natives is at Bonjaxx's party, and the only ones he actually talks to are the Minion version of Death's Head, and Tuck (the original Death's Head isn't a native of that Multiverse, though he is a native of the Marvel Megaverse). "

Yes, the 'real' Seventh Doctor once appeared in the same comic book as the Fantastic Four. Watch out too for implied crossovers with Captain Britain and Power Man and Iron Fist ...

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