TV "The Narinder Kaur I knew died in that house. I tell people I'm three-years old because that's when I was reborn. It's funny because my mum said, in typical exaggerated Indian fashion, that my eviction night was like attending a funeral. Being in the house, I was blissfully unaware of the backlash against me and when I first heard about the anti-Narinder campaign, I must say I wasn't particularly fazed by it. It was only weeks afterwards that I realised -- what have I done? My sister couldn't go to work without people laughing about some picture in the paper that was taken to make me look stupid. My mum couldn?t go to the gurdwara without people coming up to her saying your daughter gave a blow job to a stranger in a lift. For the record, that never happened. Ask my husband -- he knows I don?t like doing that!" -- Narinder Kaur from Big Brother II talks about the after effects.

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