Quite Good

Theatre "Suppose a review contains the following opinion: 'It is a brilliant play with a talented cast but the production is poor and did not realise the work's full potential. Not great entertainment. A disappointing evening.' Now suppose the theatre's publicity material for the play from the review concerned merely repeats 'a brilliant play with a talented cast' that would in my view be acceptable, despite the absence of the reviewer's negative comments, because the reviewer's express opinion of the play as brilliant and of the cast as talented was accurately repeated and attributed to the reviewer concerned. There is no obligation in such a case to publicise the separate negative comments." -- D Michael Rose @ The Stage

I've only recently discovered that The Stage run a series of blogs and this post is an example of the great writing that can be found here. I'm always wary of film posters that have one quote from a reputable source because it sometimes indicates that the publicist has followed the kind of practive Rose speaks negatively about. If however there are many pull quotes and star ratings and they're all positive, I'm there. Although I did see a film advertised once that simple said, 'Quite Good' which is the kind of honest that should probably be rewarded.

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