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Film I grudgingly enjoyed Tim Story's Fantastic Four -- well it was rubbish obviously but there were enough good character moments to keep me happy particularly between movie Johnny and movie Ben. It generally felt like the work of someone who didn't quite understand the material and wanted to attract as wide an audience as possible -- although there aren't many comic book adaptations that don't fall into that trap. One of the rough edges were the special effects which never quite seemed to work -- Mr. Fantastic's arm being particularly creepy.

The reason I'm bothering with any of this is because of the news that in the appalling titled sequel Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007), the herald is going to be computer generated by Weta Digital, the people behind Gollum and King Kong. This is excellent news, because even if the plot crashes about Galactus's ankles the man on the board will have a quality of realism. Given that the only man alive who can possibly be Galactus (when he speaks) would be James Earl Jones, lord knows who else they can get for the equally universal surfer. In the 90s cartoon series, he sounded like a Harvard man but there needs to be gravitas and I'm guessing they'll be going British and of a certain age.

Paul McGann?
Joseph Feinnes?
Rufus Sewell?

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