About I'm selling some very bad films on ebay because the collection needs thinning out and I can't imagine I'll ever want to watch any of them again (or why I bought them in the first place). Oh and the money would be good. I tried a little bit to sell them, but by the time I got to the tortuously bad Killing Me Softly I wrote:
"Nicci French's classic novel becomes a taut and sensuous masterpiece in the hands of auteur Chen Kaige.


Well alright, it's a terrible, terrible film. Quite how the director of 'Farewell My Concubine' could churn out this rubbish I'm not sure. But somehow I did end up sitting through ninety minutes just to see if the ending was as bad as I expected. And oh yes, I wasn't disappointed.

So perhaps I should have written 'Buy this film, you won't be disappointed'. It lacks context, but at least it's truthful."
Actually I quite liked Lagaan but needs must and cricket still bores me rigid.

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