No More Enquirer

Journalism According to Yankunian there will not be a final edition of The North West Enquirer out tomorrow which is a shame. One of their journalists emailed after reading my comments and said:
"It's deeply depressing as a journalist. Just for once, there was a chance to write the kind of copy you actually wanted to, knowing that there was an appreciative (and growing) readership who loved the paper and wanted it to succeed as much as you did. Unlike most newspapers, there were no favourites being bumped up into positions of authority, no hierarchy (the MD sat next to the subs), no hidden agendas and a real feeling of excitement, especially as most of us had given up secure jobs to try to help Bob and Nick's vision become a reality. There's still a place for such a paper, however I fear if one of the big regional publishers were to take it on it would become all of the things that we all detest about their titles. One (excellent) profile writer told me yesterday that it was the first time in years that he'd felt a thrill at working in journalism. Yes, there are many lessons to be learned, but it's a very black day for us all."
It certainly is and it's funny how even after just five months it'll leave such a void.

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