Liverpool Life Employment hunting and checking again through the always entertaining Job Centre Plus listings, I've stumbled upon a company called Global Accent Ltd that are heavily recruiting in the Liverpool area. The description says: "To work on a self employed assignment basis doing face to face interpreting and written translations. Assignments will vary and include hospitals, courts and immigration issues."

They're asking for speakers of the Russian Latvian language, Portugese, Polish, Korean, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Bengali, Slovak, Mandarine Cantonese, Hungarian and Albanian. There's also Ewe (which is spoken in Southern Ghana, Togo and Benin), Tigrinya (Eritrea and Etheopia and Igbo (Nigeria).

What's perhaps most interesting about this rash of adverts is that rather than indicating the agency is covering the whole of Britain, they're specifically asking for local applications which suggests that the languages they're requesting actually provide an interesting snapshot of the peoples now living in Liverpool. I love that we're that culturally diverse.

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