Life Boringly, about the only reason I haven't been writing here is the Blogger outages have coincided with the time I usually write things here; so no I haven't been contracted for a secret mission by MI5, no contract missions to take out despotic presidents or anything approaching a social life. I'm working again which means that I'm back in the routine. Even though I'm only in a few hours in the afternoon each day this week, it tends to run the cycle of everything else -- I've never been very good at doing more than one thing at a time.

Four more days to the birthday. I have noticed that once you breach the thirty barrier some things are even less easy to understand and that I'm even more wistful and philosophical and naval gazing even more than ever. I'm excited that I'm essentially starting again, but the mountain doesn't seem a big this time. I have decided on a direction -- I do want to be a writer and researcher -- so yes, Lisa, a MA in Journalism would have been a helped, but I was even less qualified for that at the time of applying and I'd worked towards film studies for so long that would have always wondered about the now knowing. Also there are shorter courses that are accredited and available if I really need them. Plus asked around just before application and a few people advised me that actually that was the best option because you can either write or you can't.

So yes, Annette, I have been too hard on myself. If I can be given a film like Water or Eloise, both without foreknowledge and patter out seven hundred odd words on each, that does mean something and that I'm bound to write in a slightly different style here than I would professionally and there is nothing wrong with that because it means I'm flexible. Something I've noticed is that here I have the urge to post straight away whereas in other writing I'll put it to one side for a while and return to it before publication. I'm going to try that. Naval gazing over. For now.

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