TV "There are many reasons why Outpost Gallifrey has been so important. It was one of the first out there, of course, launching way back in 1995, so it had the prestige of history behind it. It had contacts ? people at BBC Worldwide, Big Finish and so forth knew Shaun could be trusted and so he formed important links and got official news stories first. You knew that if you read it on Outpost Gallifrey, it was reliable, and as often as not the news page was of great use as much for dismissing ludicrous rumours as it was for providing the actual news itself." -- Paul Hayes at Behind The Sofa.

Unless you're a Doctor Who fan, it's really difficult to capture the magnitude of Outpost Gallifrey's news page shutting down. Well alright, imagine a Slashdot, a Boing Boing, a Metafilter, a Digg just simply not being there any more. It was the central news source online about Doctor Who in various media for eleven years and although there are other sites doing something similar now, none would really have gotten into the game without Shaun Lyon's influence. When I began to follow the series again in the late nineties, OG was the first site I looked at and its kept me informed ever since. Oh well, at least the lively forums will still be there...

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