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  • Don’t Look Now, Mr. Bond
    Delicious comparison of one of the sections of 'Casino Royale' with 'Don't Look Now'. Also rationalises the new Bond film perfectly with: "There almost seemed to be five short films to watch between the pre-title sequence and the eventual epilogue.", which somehow improves my appreciation of the film. It's an action picture, Jim Jarmusch style.
  • 07973100194
    I received a missed call on my mobile earlier from this number. It's apparently Orange, autodialing from a call centre then cutting off because there isn't an operator available to speak. Apparently it'll continue for ages now until I actually speak to
  • Cinematical Seven: Robert Altman Movies
    Includes 'The Company' another on the list of films I love but everyone else in world seems not to. And 'McCabe & Mrs. Miller' in which the reverse is true. Subverting the western? Err, thanks.
  • Strange Attractor: Adopt early, adopt often
    Suw Charman wonders about business's slow take up of new technologies.
  • Behind the Sofa: Αυτό δεν είναι μια κατάλληλη αναθεώρηση. Ακριβώς μερικά περίεργα σχόλια.
    The fate of this episode of Torchwood rested on the shoulders of one actress. Gosh she was great. Pity about the rest.
  • Liverpool Confidential: Starry, starry nights
    Angie Sammons reviews The Everyman Bistro: "Your food is ladled up onto a plate, lashed into one of two stainless steel appliances and zapped by radiation before your very eyes."
  • News Askew: Clerks II review
    Not to be released here until NEXT FEBRUARY! Must not buy region one. Must wait for PAL goodness.
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