Review 2006:


Review 2006 A couple of week's ago I applied for a job as a researcher at Schott's Miscellany. I didn't get an interview, but I did receive a lovely rejection letter, written and signed by Ben himself which makes it all the more heartbreaking that I wasn't given the chance. But something that struck me whilst filling in the lovingly crafted application form was that one of my loves is answering questions, either personal, or on topics that require research.

What I proposed for Review 2006 was that you send in a question. Any kind of question would do but there were five categories:

(a) Personal (egotistical). A question about something that has happened this year or something I've written on the blog that you've wondered about but were too afraid to ask.

(b) Trivia. 'How big is the moon?' or 'How fast is the fastest thing that's ever been fast?' that kind of thing.

(c) Review. What do you think of this album/film/book that I like?

(d) Opinion. See if I can work out something you've been ruminating on. 'Why do people who get on buses always stand near the door when others are patently going to get on after them and they'll be blocking the way?' That sort of thing.

(e) Advice. Dear Stuart, I wonder if you could give me advice about this problem I've been having ...

Basically a question about anything.

As it turned out this would be come less of a review of the year than an audit of my life with a whole range of tricky questions about who I am now along with everything else. So this is going to be a revealing ride if you'd like to join me.

You can assume though that I haven't quite got enough questions for the whole month, so please please please drop off any questions that occur to you in the comments to this post or via email to as soon as you can. In the bizarre event that I get more questions than days I'll double up and try and answer them all -- so don't fear that 'slots' aren't available or whatnot.

Thanks in advance. Now let's begin. Here are the questions I've already answered ...

Why can't Liverpool FC win away from home?

Given that Casino Royale is in the cinema's at the moment - just how many girls has Bond been with? How many can you name (characters)?

If you could have your own total fantasy life, what would it be like?

Whenever I think of doing something like a blog, I always worry that anything I write would either sound really pretentious or be very boring. How do you handle those fears and just write?

Throughout most of The Empire Strikes Back, the Millenium Falcon's hyperdrive is not working (should have gone to Kwik Fit!) so it can't travel faster than light! However, there is a point where they travel from the Anoat System to the Bespin system. Separate Star systems would never be less than a couple of light years apart (I presume!), i.e. at least two years travel even if they could attain just a tiny bit less than light speed! It clearly doesn't take them this long, so is it some sort of 'worm-hole' or curved universe phenomena that they utilise to accomplish their trip? I simply must know! :) Thank you!

You might have covered this before, but, why Stuart *Ian* Burns - and not just Stuart Burns? And, if I can squeeze in another related to that, how do you feel about people who spell it "Stewart"?

I only thought of this last night, but I'd be interested to read your musings on the adverts shown on the programmes you watch a lot. There is a point. They must be aimed at a certain type of audience, the people they expect to be watching, but they're often wildly off. What's sort of person do they think you are, and what can be the logic behind those decisions?

Have you ever found the one true love in your life, but not been in a position to do anything about it, for whatever reason?

Why do people say "cheap at half the price" when they mean the full price is also, well, cheap? Makes no sense to me!"

Of all the trivia that you've blogged or read over the years, which bit sticks in your mind the most, and why?

What's the major problem with Torchwood and can Russell T Davies fix it or is it a lost cause? Can a showrunner really run two shows at once?

What one question, if asked, would you be most inclined to answer with a lie - and why?

I've kindly been given a subscription to LoveFilm and while I have a few things I'd like to see I want to make the most of the opportunity and see films I wouldn't otherwise. I have a largely uneducated interest in foreign film, particularly French and Italian - any recommendations? No horror please, just interesting and beautiful films you think are worth watching.

What do you feel provides the human race with answers, closest to the truth, Science or Religion?

What are you most afraid of and why? What have you done to overcome your fears?

Can you explain the appeal of Keira Knightley?

What's the next new thing that's being talked as something that's going to 'revolutionize' our lives in say 6 - 10 years time? It can be in any sphere you like.

Now that it's all done and dusted, what sequence would you recommend watching the six Stars Wars films? Although I've tried, I still can't watch them in I,II,III,IV etc order ...

Next Saturday, I'll be back in Liverpool for the day, with my girlfriend. One of the reasons for the visit is so that she can get a better feel for the city because we're thinking of moving there. So, can you tell me where the hidden cool and interesting bits of Liverpool are?

Who's your favourite and least favourite Doctor, and companion?

Have you ever had any kind of casual/one of experience with a member of the same sex? Even if just a suppressed crush on an actor or musician etc?

People say money can't buy you happiness. I find this an over simplification of a complicated argument. What is your point of view?

What is the significance of the Wolf in American Indian teachings?

What are your views on the pedestrianisation of Norwich city centre?

What is your favorite film and why?

Which bit of trivia about you would you like to be remembered by?

BBC4 have just given you carte blanche to create your own TV evening from 7pm-2am. What do you show and why?

Do you think any of the cultural stereotypes about English people are true?

Why is Doctor Who so disappointing all of a sudden? Is it down to age?

Would you stop writing your blog if your stats told you there were 0 readers?

Which famous 5 people, dead or alive, would you invite to a dinner party. What would you eat/drink? What entertainment would you lay on for the 6 of you afterwards?

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