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    "It's just my way of getting my own back at the B*stard who I have devoted most of my adult life to, only to find out he is a piece of lying cheating scum!" Is it an advert or is this true? Not sure but either way its a clever use for a billboard.
  • Filmlog: Churchill: The Hollywood Years (2004)
    Dreadful squalid little film. There's a real game to be had trying to decide which actors manage to get through with their dignity and I'm voting for Neve, Sally, McKenzie and Miranda. Only about an hour long without credits and outtakes.
  • The 15 Sexiest Sci-Fi Babes
    What -- well alright I'm in a funny mood and it made me laugh. And Zooey Deschanel was the best of the Trillians. Shame that it's so US centric though -- wither Leela, Kochanski or Cally? [via Fimoculous]
  • Kristine Lowe: The World We Live In...
    Talks about how a blogger was assaulted on London Underground and wrote about it on her site with pictures, controlling the story and eventually leading to the capture of the criminals.
  • sashinka: Banana Bread
    Looks yummy -- and simple to prepare which is also a plus. I must try this.
  • Neil Gaiman's Journal: Small copyright puzzle...
    As usual I can't find a hole in Neil's argument. Although it's a shame that in future people might only find exposure to some music through cheap compilations as opposed to the originals.
  • Hot Coffee Girl: the people you meet
    Met them all too. Have a sneaking suspicion I'm one or two of them. Will be speaking about this soon in the increasingly inaccurately titled Review 2006.
  • Jane Espenson: We Need an Arc Angel to Tell Us Where the Story's Going
    Jane comments on what you should do about spec scripts for shows that have an ongoing story arc. The '24' solution is amazing although it surely runs the risk of including characters that have been killed off.
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