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  • Filmlog: D.E.B.S (2005)
    Fabulous cross genre experiment with an indie-sensibility, this action-teen-romance looks like a labour of love and benefits from the spirit of wanting to try something new. Watch with an open mind and you're brain turned off and you'll love it.

  • feelinglistless' bookmarks tagged with "Filmlog" on
    I'm attempting to keep a film diary with a pith review of everything. I tried this a few years ago but then I simply filled in the odd comment (lamely in some cases). Now I'm making a concerted effort and here's the Delicious feed ...

  • Premiere Magazine: 20 Most Overrated Movies of All Time
    Wins points for including 'American Beauty' up front. Then quickly loses them again with 'Clerks', 'Field of Dreams' and 'Jules et Jim'. I think they're about 60% right. 'The Red Shoes'. Overated? Are you on crack?

  • The Triforce: Is It Just Me, Or Does Everyone Think Everything Is Shit?
    Two links to The Triforce tonight because it's ace. The first is mostly as a discussion of the fact that no one can see anything funny in Microsoft Vista. Plus some other things. I think my Win98 install with be seeing out it's tenth anniversary ...

  • The Triforce: So I guess that?s it for me and the cinema
    I'm very selective about what I see at the actual cinema now. This post describes some of the reasons why.

  • Filmlog: The Grifters (1990)
    Splendid neo-noir with an Oedipal twist and a great score by Elmer Bernstein, this drops the expected con-related plot develops a character study in which the greed of the characters propels the story forward. One of Stephen Frier's best films.
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