That Day Christmas was quiet which is the way I like it. After such a busy year (again) it's been nice just to let the festive season wash over me, the music, the smells, the happiness. I was spoiled again with a new scanner (hp scanjet 2400), an almost complete set of The Movie: Illustrated History of the Cinema (an old part magazine) and a remote controlled Dalek (cue The Go-Gos) - it's at times like this I wish I had a pet so that I could bother them with it. Mum and Dad liked their CrockPot Slow Cooker although the best reaction was from my mum for this cd which I think brought back memories from their time visting the Folk Clubs of Liverpool. As usual the day went far quickly than I'd like, The Queen's Speech arriving far too quickly and then the roll down to Doctor Who (which was particularly special this year -- wasn't Catherine Tate good?). Thanks for asking Suw, hope you had a good one too. Glad you've got your mobile back.


  1. Anonymous7:20 am

    No, Catherine Tate was very bad. SHOUTING DOES NOT CONSTITUTE ACTING! See what I did there?

  2. Well yes, but shouting because your character is angry most of the time really is.