The silent stars go by ...

For anyone who missed it, here is Paul Cornell's lovely Christmas short story, 'Deep and Dreamless Sleep' which was published in the Sunday Times this morning. I can't wait to see what his two parter is like next year.

If that's put you in the mood, Big Finish also have a range of short complete stories on their website as previews for their Short Trips anthologies and here is a list - they're in .PDF format and a download link is embedded on each book's information page. Look under the cover shot.

'The Eighth Wonder of the W0rld' by Simon Guerrier
'The Ruins of Time' by Philip Purser-Hallard
'The Prologue' by Joseph Lidster
'Father Figure' by Steve Lyons
'The Feast' by Stewart Sheargold
'Making History' by Trevor Baxendale
'Introduction' by Jacqueline Rayner
'Ships That Pass' by Karen Dunn
'The Nuclear Option' by Richard Salter
'Mortlake' by Mark Wright
'Long Term' by Andrew Campbell

Happy Christmas!

[Archived for ref purposes. All of the links to the original stories are now dead.]

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