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Review 2006 Just one more thing. Every year I post my predictions for the upcoming twelve months and look back to see how wrong I was the previous year.

Something shockingly surprising happens in Doctor Who which no one saw coming.
I think the arrival of Catherine Tate at the end of the series certainly qualifies. No one saw that coming. Torchwood not being very good runs a close second.

The US goes to war with another country without any international support, particularly the UK.
Not yet. They've been looking over Iran's shoulder a lot, but the Iraq situation just keeps getting worse and with the promise of even more US troops, I suspect they they don't want to stretch themselves, thank goodness.

A cheap usable text equivalent of the ipod will be released and will be wifi compatible giving access to the internet and texts, wherever whenever.
Not yet. Although wifi is certainly increasing in popularity. They're proposing a cloud over Liverpool.

The ban on smoking in public places will tip the habit into terminal, steady decline.
The ban is coming in July with beer gardens being converted throughout the land.

My life is going to change in a big way.
Well I graduated from my course. Still looking for a job though. But I'd sat that was a biggish change.

I'd say that was two out of five which is worse than last year, but then I did make the predictions fairly broad. For next year then, future version of me...

Bush forced to resign.

Blockbusters become less solvent. An increase in the popularity of art house type products. It'll be like the 1970s!

People will watch even less television in a pronounced way.

There will be a very unlikely celebrity marriage.

My life is going to change in a big way. Again.

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