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  • TV Scoop: Freeview leads the race to digital
    "An eye-opening report from JupiterResearch reveals that only 5.3 million UK homes (out of a total of around 30 million) don't have some form of digital television" That's amazing and certainly more than was originally thought.
  • Restoration of "My Fair Lady"
    "The restoration itself took eight months of intensive research, digital manipulation, sound re-recording and splicing negatives."
  • Film Sound Design
    Explosive resource of essays and interviews.
  • Guardian Unlimited Arts: Q: What can be done to improve the suburbs of Paris? A: People are starting to understand that the real challenge is to turn peripheries into cities
    Interview with the brilliantly named architect Renzo Piano. "A piazza is not a plaza [...] "The plaza is the theme park of the piazza; the plaza is the commercial version. A piazza is an empty space with no function. This is what Europeans understand."
  • Wikipedia: Piazza
    "In Britain piazza now generally refers to a paved open pedestrian space, without grass or planting, often in front of a significant building or shops." See the area in front of The Adelphi in Liverpool. That'll be why there aren't and tables, then.
  • Wikipedia: Plaza
    "Plaza is a Spanish word related to "field" which describes an open urban public space, such as a city square." About the closest Liverpool has to this would be Williamson Square, I suppose.
  • eConsultant: I want a Firefox Extension to ... 200+ common problems solved
    Your Firefox problems solved.
  • The Independent: Matthew Sweet reviews 'Inside The Tardis' by James Chapman
    And acknowledges that there is now far more Doctor Who material around for anyone to be able to read, listen to and watch.
  • Ingmar Bergman Face to face
    Engrossing site which will be my first port of call after every screening from now onwards.
  • Ain't It Cool News: "Halloween" remake script review
    "Laurie Strode isn't introduced until page 69 and the final moments of Myers stalking Haddonfield don't really happen until the last 20/25 pages. And yes, it does feel rushed." I mean why are they even remaking it in the first place?
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