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  • Walt Disney's Story Of Robin Hood.
    A blog that investigates Disney's live action version of the film with Richard Todd.
  • filmlog: Suspicion (1941)
    Hitchock was never happy with the ending (imposed by RKO) and it's easy to see why; the audience obviously feels as much relief as Fontaine, but it could have been much darker. The novel's ending isn't filmic or dramatic enough though.
  • The Stage: Vibrant proposal
    Now that the Theatre Museum in Covent Garden has sadly closed, a reader of The Stage makes a proposal.
  • Cinematical: BBC To Make Documentary On 'The C-Word'
    Actually, Germain Greer swam into these waters last year during 'Balderdash and Piffle' in one of the best of television last year. She used it all over the shop and I don't think anyone complained. Someone will now I suspect.
  • International Dim Sum Directory
    "In a recent travel tip newsletter emailed to members of our Journeywoman Network we asked women readers around the world for their favorite dim sum restaurants"
  • Behind the Sofa: "Hey, Doctor, leave those kids alone."
    In which I review Sunday night's Doctor Who episode "Horror of Glam Rock" and forget to the mention the rocking version of the theme tune under the credits.
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