From The Earth To The Moon

TV I think the most horrifying idea on this cover is that Russell is going to offer a complete episode guide for the series - before its even been broadcast. Granted it'll probably in the style of 'Oh yes, episode nine is the most exciting thing we've ever done' and 'Neil Gorton's masks in episode twelve are amazing. Hooray!' but still, aren't there enough spoilers knocking around online without them actually emanated from the production office? And isn't Tenth notable by his seriousness? In the Earth cover (the one were they're confusingly standing on the Moon) he looks positively menacing as though he's saying 'I meant what I said about watching the other side...'

As this collage at Freema demonstrates this is the first in a long while that presents the actors in a close up, iconic style. Elsewhere since the new series opened its all been about the monsters -- last year, the Doctor and Rose seemed overwhelmed by the rest of the background and having to link in with the rest of the fold out cover. Actually, looking at that collage its striking how often Jon appeared and how they completely failed to feature Tom during his entire seven year tenure. Chris is notable by his complete absence, a Tardis welcoming his debut. What with the Casanova cover, you'd think that David had been there all along.

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