"This life has been a test..."

dvd Well there's something I never thought I would ever see. My So-Called Life, officially my favourite series that doesn't feature a timelord, too chatty mother and daughter in a small town or a vampire slayer is finally being released on Region Two UK dvd. I originally bought a region one release of the series in 2002 which I think cost around £80 and analysed it for the blog back then.

My copy came via Amazon.com, but prior to that a smaller company called AnotherUniverse said that it was to be the sole distributor and suckered some fans into paying a deposit for a deluxe version with a raft of extras in the shape of a lunch box which never materialised. John at Sore Eyes was one of the ones who was burnt but managed to get a copy in the end. You can see us chatting about it in the comments here.

I really, really loved the series. Still do. I wrote this review before I began writing the blog and I think it says it all really.


  1. Great review. I loved that series, too. I watched most it in reruns on MTV years ago. I would recommend the series 'Once and Again', which I think is made by the same producers, too, if you can find a copy of it on DVD.

  2. I always wanted to see that series -- it never really got a proper timeslot over here so I kept missing it. They made another series called 'Relativity' that ran for a series then sank without trace. I read a transcript once and I remember thinking it sounded fascinating.

    Perhaps in the dvd future.