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Comics We'll talk more later, but since I've somehow managed to miss the new Buffy comic again through not being in town on Thursday, does anyone know of a comics equivalent of Amazon or online in the UK?


  1. Wait for the trade. Comic pamphet distribution is not really geared up for the casual buyer. You gots to have nerd-level dedication.

  2. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Hello there - I'm one of the 'Nearly 42' - good to meet you.

    I've been looking for somewhere to order comics for exactly the same reason. Managed to miss issue 2, although i did get hold of issue 3 this weekend, which is great. Lots of Willow.

    Anyway, the answer might be Forbidden Planet ( They are currently sold out of both issues but say that more will be in stock soon. If you find another source, let us know!

  3. Hello Ben. I thought of Forbidden Planet but they do have an odd quirk where you can't order a comic unless its in stock -- unlike Play or Amazon who'll send you whatever when it's available -- perhaps a more intuitive way of doing it would be to be able to order the item then be able to choose if you actually want it if it turns out to be a different printing or variant cover...

    I'll definitely post something if I get an answer to this!