Passing gas

Life Sometimes someone will say something that really gets under your skin and before you know it you're telling them so. About twenty minutes ago the doorbell went. I ran out to find a girl standing there in the shadows in a fleece holding a clipboard. Considering this supposed to be secure housing, it's worth asking how she got in.

We live in a flat on a floor with three others and she's done what visitors who are obviously selling something do which is ring all four bells and waited to see who appears. I peer through the glass and she approaches me and I already know what she's going to ask me and what my response is going to be.

"We've come to talk about your gas and electricity supply."
"No thanks." I say.

We've had a problem with similar sale people before from the same company before. They try to come across as being somehow official and indeed there have been cases in which our elderly neighbours have offered their signature and found their supplies written over at a more expensive rate. They'll say 'We're just asking people if they want a cheaper gas supply' and even try to suggest that they're from the same company you're already with, offering the 'We're all the same company' trick.

"When would be a convenient time to talk to the main bill payer?" She continues.
Apart from the fact that she doesn't know I'm not the main bill payer, I just want to tell her to go away.
"We don't want to talk about that." I say, repeating her use of the royal 'we'.
Then she says it.
"Well, since you're not the main bill payer I wouldn't to talk to you about it anyway would I?"
Before I know it, I'm retorting in her face:
"... and there's no need for that kind of sarcasm ..."
And I shut the door before she can reply. I don't lock it again because our neighbour has finally arrived and I leave it to him.

I'm not by nature an angry or annoyed person. My stock in trade is passive aggressive and for some reason this pushed all of my buttons. I could have been nicer in providing the negative, but sometimes unless you simply say 'no' they'll always think there's a chance. But please salespeople -- if someone is saying no to you, move on. Don't stand there being sarcastic with them. It might make you feel better but it still won't get you a sale.

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Keris Stainton said...

I've found that saying, "I don't agree with door-to-door sales" works a treat.