Lying in my bed again ...

Life Still twingy. Just every now and then I'll turn my head the wrong way and there'll be an odyssey of pain.

I posted at Metafilter last night, by the way, leading to an excellent discussion including this description of being on a television programme.

Very pleased of course to wake up to see Alan Johnson freed and in good health -- although he was almost crushed as he was being led to the car with men with guns on the one side and the media and their cameras on the other. I hope he takes some time for himself and doesn't feel like he needs to be in the field so soon.

Amusingly, Doctor Who fandom has gone into meltdown, again, with the surprising news that Catherine Tate is to be the new companion in series four. Her turn as the runaway bride last Christmas was not universally praised and this thread at Behind The Sofa and article at SFX are fairly typical of the responses. I'm cautiously pleased -- it will, as always, be down to the writing and performances. We'll see.

Now I'm going back to bed.

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