"I am constant to my purpose;" -- Hamlet, 'Hamlet'

Projects Also today, I found this rather lovely review from Iain on Posted Notes about my Hamlet weblog which makes me feel all the more guilty for not having published a review there since June. But I have been busy.

It's curious that he should mention that "It's the kind of thing some people could puff up into a book" because it's not something I haven't considered, rather like those 100 Films books published by the BFI (there is one about Shakespeare) because it lacks the momentum of some of those 'journey' books, but 'the autobiographical element' does probably have some potential as does the 'talk to other audience members or theatre professionals'. If anyone has any suggestions on how I'd go about suggesting this to a potential publisher?

Iain finally notes that with the whole Proms thing, the title of this blog is looking increasingly ironic. Although as I said in the final review, it could simply be that these little projects are all displacement activities to save me from having to deal with all of the things I know I need to get around to dealing with, like wise. But that is probably a discussion for another time, particularly when I'm checking currently checking Facebook for friends I made at university last year...

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