"The simple, retro, university-hosted web site is still chugging along 15 years later."

TV Yahoo! Picks interviews Dr. Siobahn Morgan, who created what may have been the first Doctor Who fan page, Nitro9, way back in 1993. It was certainly the first one I visited. Sadly, the interviewer doesn't seem to be much of a fan so the conversation tends to concentrate more on the technical aspects:

"What was the Web like back then?"

"The Web was pretty hard to use for anyone that wasn't comfortable using FTP or Gopher before the advent of browsers. I was pretty okay doing stuff like FTP and gopher, and using Unix commands, mainly due to the climate of my university. There was of course a great deal of patience in the old days."

You certainly did. What I love about Nitro9 is that Siobahn has never felt the need to change anything. It's all functional, you can still read everything and that's all ok.

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